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Caramilk Knefe


Lebanese based dessert, caramilk knefe is made with a semolina based pastry with high quality butter ghee filled with a sweet ashta and caramilk. Then garnished with caramel crisps and caramilk spread


  • Plastic Scraper
  • Sugar Syrup

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Our twist on an authentic Lebanese dessert, we make the caramilk knefe filling with ashta and Caramel. A semolina based pastry with high quality butter ghee. Then spread with caramilk spread and a garnish of caramel crisps to add texture.

The caramilk Knefe!

The Knefe originates in the Middle East, having many different versions. Our version of the popular dessert originates in Lebanon, containing ashta, A rich cream with a similar texture to ricotta cheese.

It has been a staple in Lebanon for many generations, we here at baklava direct bring you this popular Lebanese dessert and make it better through the use of the highest grade ingredients and a touch of love.

Weighs Approximately 4Kg


  • Plastic Scraper
  • Sugar Syrup

Our sugar syrup contains, sugar, water, citric acid, glucose syrup.


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