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1. The Best Place to Buy Baklava Online in Australia 1

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Is Baklava Turkish or Greek? 1

How long does Baklava last? 1

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Which is the best Baklava? 2

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3. The Best Desserts Delivery Company in Sydney 3

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Is having desserts delivered online worth it? 3

What makes Baklava so sweet? 3

4. Want Meditteranean Sweets Delivered to Your Door in Sydney? 4

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What pairs well with Baklava? 4

Why did my Baklava go soggy? 5

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What is the syrup used in Turkish desserts? 6

What is the most popular Turkish dessert? 6

6. Baklava vs Turkish Delight; which is better? 6

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What is the best way to dish up Turkish delights? 7

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7. Best Desserts to Order Online in Sydney 7

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Is Baklava vegetarian or vegan? 8

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  1. The Best Place to Buy Baklava Online in Australia

As far as traditional middle eastern desserts go, baklava is one of the most popular. Dessert lovers and cravers of traditional baked sweets love baklawa which is said to have its earliest roots in Persia, later transformed by the Lebanese, Greeks, and Turks. Best eaten fresh, baklava is a dessert that wonderfully captures the essence of the Mediterranean. However, getting authentic and fresh baklava can be problematic in Sydney, especially if you plan to order baklava online.

Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Baklava Direct is one of Australia’s best makers of Mediterannean desserts. The company strives to deliver the best Baklava experience in Sydney, made with the finest local ingredients. More importantly, given the popularity of ordering desserts online, Baklava Direct guarantees quick delivery anywhere in the Greater Sydney Area.

Baklava Direct offers doorstep delivery of your favourite Mediterranean desserts, including Baklava, Fistiya, and Knefe (to name a few). Navigate to Baklava Direct’s website and place an order online through their eCommerce portal. To order from Baklava Direct, choose one or a selection of their delectable desserts, and plug in your delivery date, time and address. Once complete, all you have to do now is wait for your order to arrive.

Baklava Direct is a dedicated collection of chefs and foodies passionate about Mediterranean desserts. Each qualified dessert maker at Baklava Direct brings the same knowledge, skills, and experience that established “The Sweets Palace” (the parent company) as a symbol of quality and innovation.

So next time you’re looking for a dessert for your party, get-together, or holiday celebration, consider something unique and exotic. Choose from Baklava Direct’s marvellous collection of Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean desserts. Order Baklava online from a company well established in Australian culture while remaining rooted in its sweet heritage.


Is Baklava Turkish or Greek?

Many scholars believe that the concept of baklava first appeared in 13th century Persia. It was then brought to Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East. However, by the 21st century, baklava has become an integral part of the entire region’s cuisine. Most only differ in preferred filling or topping. For example, Turkish baklava is usually filled with pistachios, while Greek Baklava with walnuts.

How long does baklava last?

Baklava stays fresh up to 3 to 4 days after purchase. Baklavas commonly have a shelf life of up to 7 to 10 days, depending on how the delicacy is stored. Refrigeration in an airtight container keeps the dessert good for a week or so! That is why ordering online from professional companies like Baklava Direct that guarantee quality is a good idea. They bake your order on the morning of the delivery date to ensure you get to eat your baklava at peak freshness. 

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  1. Where to Order Middle Eastern Desserts Online in Sydney

Tired of the same boring desserts? Are you looking to try something fresh and exotic from the comfort of your home? Then set your sweet tooth loose on some Baklava, a Middle Eastern dessert prepared as paper-thin stacks of phyllo (also known as filo in Greek) pastry. The pastry is layered with finely chopped nuts like pistachios, almonds, and sometimes walnuts. The layers (or dough leaves) are soaked in honey, cinnamon, and saffron syrup and served with a mouth-watering glisten in circular trays.

Freshness is vital for a memorable Baklava experience, but finding such delicious baklava with on-time delivery options in Sydney can be frustrating. That’s why most good bakeries, like Baklava Direct, let you order ahead and prepare the desserts on the morning of designated delivery to ensure freshness. Baklava Direct is a well-established provider of baklava and other Middle Eastern sweets in Sydney. They have a vast collection of baklava, s, and Znood to choose from, made with the finest local ingredients.

Ordering desserts online from Baklava Direct is a straightforward process. First, find your way to their website and get to the ‘Shop’ tab. Then make your selection(s) and check out to input delivery information. Enter the address you want the baklava delivered to and the exact date and time. Now all you have to do is wait for your desserts to arrive, hot and fresh.

Remember, when ordering from Baklava Direct, you are guaranteed quality. The core team comprises chefs and dessert enthusiasts with nearly 22 years of experience in the art of making Middle Eastern cuisine. Furthermore, the management is firmly rooted in its cultural heritage; you can rest assured any Baklava you order from here is authentic. 

So next time you want to get something sweet for a welcome home party, office party, or holiday celebration, consider having something delivered from Baklava Direct. As a top contender for quality desserts in Sydney, the company ensures that all its products are made with premium quality ingredients, with the most incredible precision and care.


Which is the best baklava?

Determining which variety of baklava is ideal for you depends on your preferences. For example, most Turkish recipes use pistachios for filling and decoration, while Greeks prefer to use walnuts. In other cases, you may not like honey, a common condiment for baklava. Of course, these are oversimplifications, but for the sake of discussion, these are the most commonly found differences.

Does Baklava Freeze?

Yes, you can freeze baklava, but it is best stored in an airtight container at room temperature or in the fridge, best consumed within seven to ten days. However, if you must freeze it, wrap the tin in two layers of cling film and then aluminium foil. If fresh when stored, the baklava should stay nicely for up to 3 months. However, when you want to eat it, let it thaw and return to room temperature naturally, preserving the flavours. Although it is best to order desserts online when you need them since nothing beats eating sweets made that day.

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  1. The Best Desserts Delivery Company in Sydney

Going and purchasing desserts is an exciting affair for the whole family. But what if you’re craving something specific and don’t know where to go searching for it? Or maybe you have a themed birthday coming up, and you’ve decided to go to the Mediterranean but aren’t sure of what to pick. Then check out Baklava Direct for some of Sydney’s best Mediterranean dessert delivery. The company offers a range of delicious, savoury, and sweet Mediterranean Baklava options for all occasions, whether weddings, birthdays, family dinners, meetings, or holidays.

Baklava Direct is Sydneysiders’ go-to Mediterranean sweets store that consistently produces high-quality desserts and other fancy pastries. Baklava Direct has over 18 variations of baklava, including Cinnamon, Pistachio, Macadamia, and walnut, serving a wide range of diverse clientele in the Greater Sydney area.

Born out of an effort to provide something new to the Sydney confectionary scene, Baklava Direct’s products are as authentic as possible. Baklava Direct sources all raw materials locally to ensure the integrity of the ingredients and the finished product’s freshness. Similarly, the company offers an uncomplicated process for delivering your preferred desserts to your doorstep. Go to Baklava Direct’s website, choose from the multitude of Baklava and Knefe options available, and pick a size. Here, you have the option of customising the decorations. The excellent chefs at Baklava Direct use pistachios (or another nut variety if you prefer) to display a message of your choice. Then input where and when you want your order delivered. Now sit back and wait for your baklava to arrive, hot and fresh.

If you’re still unsure about Baklava Direct’s expertise, know they come from a long-standing tradition of making desserts and sweets. The Sweets Palace, the source of Baklava Direct’s professionalism and skill, has served some of the finest Lebanese, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine to the people of Sydney.

Now that you know whom to call get in touch with Baklava Direct for all your dessert delivery needs. Whether you want an outstanding finish to a meal or to send someone a welcoming present, Baklava Direct will deliver good taste and freshness to your doorstep.


Is having desserts delivered online worth it?

Absolutely! As long as you make sure to order from a reputable company with more than a few years of experience delivering desserts. Also, online dessert delivery is an excellent idea for giving gifts to the people you care about and want to feel special. Patisseries like Baklava Direct even give you an option for custom messages on some of their desserts, which are suitable for special events like birthdays and weddings.

What makes baklava so sweet?

The sweetness comes primarily from either honey or sugar syrup, depending on the recipe. The baklava soaks up all the syrup’s richness, blowing the flavours out of this world. However, some people like to add a little lemon juice to add a citrus tang.

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  1. Want Meditteranean Sweets Delivered to Your Door in Sydney?

Whatever the occasion, having sweets and desserts delivered right to your door is a luxury most people don’t even know they have. Getting out of the house at the time can be irritating for birthdays, Christmas, or a family dinner. So why not have your sweets delivered to your door or a loved one’s just before you need them?

Baklava Direct is a Sydney-based expert in producing some of the best Meditteranean Middle Eastern desserts, this side of the Indian Ocean. The company makes a variety of Backalava, Knefe, Znood, and more, all with authentic recipes and fresh Australian ingredients. 

Baklava Direct accepts upfront payments via Google Pay and instalments via Afterpay. You can separate your payment into four parts, allowing you to purchase now and pay later. This service comes in handy when you’re on a tight budget but need your desserts urgently. Either way, the overall ordering process remains uncomplicated. All you have to do is choose the Bakalva you want and add your delivery details (including data and time). Baklava Direct even allows you to add a custom message made from pistachios. Once you finalise payment, relax and let your just desserts come to you.

Now, you might wonder how you can order something you haven’t seen or touched personally. Baklava Direct is a respectable business in Sydney backed by the expertise, knowledge and experience of the Sweets Palace Patisserie. Established in 2000, Sweets Palace produces some of the most delicate desserts from the Mediterranean region. Baklava Direct draws its passionate management and competent chefs from this source.

Finally, given the popularity of eCommerce and the disruptions caused by Covid-19, more than ever, companies like Baklava Direct provide excellent home delivery services for any occasion. Have sweets delivered to your door or give them as gifts to your coworkers, bosses, friends or even your children’s teachers. Either way, it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


What pairs well with baklava?

Baklava is a dish soaked in either honey or sugar syrup, so you can eat it on its own. However, if you must have an accompaniment, you can try light ice creams like vanilla, lemon or lavender. If you prefer something hot, try unsweetened tea or coffee to counter baklava’s inherent sweetness.

Why did my baklava go soggy?

Generally, soggy baklava results from brushing too much butter onto the sheets before baking. Also, not allowing the baklava to cool completely before covering it can cause moisture buildup within the container, thus resulting in a soggy mess. However, to avoid these problems, have your baklava delivered by a professional company exactly when you want to eat it. Patisseries like Baklava Direct specialise in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern desserts designed to please your pallet like nothing ever has before.

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  1. Turkish Desserts that Satisfy all your Sweet Cravings

Turkish desserts are famous worldwide for their delicate flavours and dazzling sweetness. Few people have not heard of delicacies like Turkish delight, Kunefe and Baklava. Arguably the pinnacle of Turkish sweets, baklava is made from crispy layers of phyllo dough, filled with pistachios and drenched with sweet, honey or sugar syrup. Though, that is not to say that there aren’t other excellent options from the region to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just that living in Sydney can make getting your hands on fresh, authentic baklava challenging to say the least. So, look for companies that home deliver these tasty delicacies to make life easier, like Baklava Direct.

Baklava Direct is a collection of passionate individuals that came together to provide the people of Sydney with access to the best in Turkish sweets. They offer a wide range of desserts from the Mediterranean region (including Turkey and Greece) and the Middle East. For example, besides baklava, the company’s signature dish, Baklava Direct, offers Knefe or Knafeh. This traditionally Middle Eastern dessert came to Turkey long ago and has since become an integral part of the cuisine.

Furthermore, Baklava Direct’s team of chefs have nearly 22 years of experience working in the field, producing some of the best desserts, sweets, cakes and pastries in the Greater Sydney Area. And if that wasn’t enough to qualify them, Baklava Direct uses the highest quality local ingredients to make their Turkish desserts. That is why this Patisserie’s sweets have the best flavour and texture. Baked right here in the Middle of the Emerald City, each tray delivers consistent value using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, regardless of order size.

To order, go to their website, select your favourite desserts from their diverse collection and put in your desired date/time of delivery. Baklava Direct will prepare your order that morning and bring it fresh, depending on when. Also, Bakalva Directs lets you personalise your desserts by writing a message of your choice in pistachios on top. This service makes Bakala Direct an excellent choice for sending gifts to loved ones, coworkers or friends for special occasions or even just to spread some happiness.

So whether you want to order baklava for a large party, dinner for one at home or for a close-knit group of friends, Baklava Direct can deliver what you need. 


What is the syrup used in Turkish desserts?

The syrup’s ingredients depend on origin and preference. For example, in Turkey, people usually use honey-based syrups, sometimes infused with lemon. On the other hand, in the Middle East, sugar-based syrups with the same infusion of lemon or lemon zest are popular. However, ultimately, what syrup you use depends on your taste buds. 

What is the most popular Turkish dessert?

Baklava is, by far, the most popular Turkish dessert, regardless of taste or origin. This fluffy honey-soaked pastry is the perfect end to a meal, sometimes served with black or Turkish teas.

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  1. Baklava vs Turkish Delight; which is better?

Baklava and Turkish delight (aka lokum) are practically flagship Turkish desserts. Although the lokum seems to have travelled to Turkey from the Middle East a few hundred years ago, its been around long enough to become a staple. The critical point to remember here is that lokum is not so much a dessert as much as it is a sweet candy or snack. If you were to serve lokum after a meal, you might inadvertently offend your guests with the apparent lack of care. However, a plateful of this jelly bean ancestor with the evening or after-party tea would be an excellent idea.

On the other hand, baklava stands above the rest as far as Mediterranean and Middle Eastern desserts are concerned. Sometimes known as the king of sweets, freshly made baklava uplifts those who eat it and serve it. With its many layers of flakey filo pastry, rich filling of nuts (pistachio, walnuts etc.) and lemon-infused syrup, baklava is the perfect dessert for weddings, parties, birthdays and family dinners, especially if you can have it arrive precisely when you need it the way you can if you order from Baklava Direct.

Baklava Direct is an expert in ensuring that some of the best baklava found anywhere in Sydney gets to your doorstep fresh and on time. They have a wide variety of baklava options ranging from the classic pistachio and walnut to the Australian speciality of Macadamia. The company also offers a selection of Knefe with goat’s cheese, Nutella or caramel, to name a few. So if you’re looking for a particular version of baklava for delivery, get on to the Baklava Direct website and place an order. 

The order process is relatively simple, but before you proceed, consider subscribing since that gets you 5% off your first purchase. Once you do that, navigate to the online store and make a selection. Here you can adjust the portion size and personalise a message as you do for birthday cakes. The only difference is, in this case, it is written with pistachios or some other crushed nut. Then, add your preferred delivery date, time, and address at checkout. Then go about your business, and relax, knowing that your scrumptious dessert will arrive on time and fresh.

Finally, Baklava Direct operates state-of-the-art technology and equipment dedicated to fulfilling orders ranging from a few hundred grams to tens of kilos. Not to mention, with almost 22 years in the business, the company’s competent team of chefs comes from a long-standing tradition of making some of the best sweets, desserts and cakes this side of Australia.

So next time you’re wondering whether lokum or baklava is the right choice, remember that it depends on your requirements. Do you need a filling dessert or a light snack with tea after a meal? Either way, contact Baklava Direct to book your order now!


What is the best way to dish up Turkish delights?

Turkish delight is best eaten with Turkish tea or coffee, preferably black. This Turkish candy is 

adorable by design and perfectly compliments the tea/coffee’s bitterness. 

Is the Turkish delight the only Turkish dessert?

No. There are many different types of desserts, including baklava, knefe, znood, mamoul and numora. Although to be precise, Turkish delights are not desserts but more like candy.

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  1. Best Desserts to Order Online in Sydney

There is something so fulfilling about food arriving at your doorstep with little to no inconvenience to yourself. With food delivered straight to your home, you can avoid Sydney’s infamous traffic and never have to leave the cosiness of your sofa or armchair. And amid this ease, nothing beats ordering baklava or knefe to bring a little bit of the Mediterranean into your home. In fact, sweets from this region are some of the best desserts to order online since home-delivered baklava, and the like are always baked that day, especially if you place an order with patisseries like Baklava Direct.

Baklava Direct is a Sydney-based patisserie specialising in home-delivered Middle Eastern and Mediterranean desserts. With a long history in the business and roots firmly in Australian soil, this company brings eighteen varieties of baklava, including a macadamia nut version, unique to the continent. Also known as the Jewel of Australia, this baklava is filled with premium nuts and soaked in raw honey from the macadamia tree.

To get this masterpiece delivered to your home hot and fresh, go to Baklava Direct’s website and place an order. The process is simple: first, select the baklava you want, pick a size, enter delivery details (including date and time) and viola! Once you confirm the order, all that remains is to go about your life and wait.

Furthermore, in case you need more incentive to order from Baklava Direct, the company offers a convenient instalment system for payments through Afterpay. You can break up your total into up to four scheduled sums. You can even subscribe to their mailing list and avail a 5% discount on your first purchase.

Baklava Direct is an excellent choice for getting baklava because they have the right experience, skill and passion. The team running the show comes from the Sweet Palace Patisserie, a well-established business in Sydney, operating for more than 17 years. Using the latest technology and equipment, Baklava Direct has the necessary capacity to fulfil orders ranging from a few grams to tens of kilos.

So the next time you’re planning for a party, remember that there are few desserts as effective for sharing as baklava. And when you do order, contact Baklava Direct to get some of the best desserts to order online. With such wide varieties of baklava, knefe and other Mediterranean desserts available, you will indeed find something that suits your tastes.


What dessert should you order online for a party?

Desserts at parties are generally meant to be shared, so anything with large enough portions is a good idea. For example, you can easily order multiple kilos of baklava without sacrificing quality. Baklava Direct even gives you a complimentary scrapper, so you’re never caught unawares.

Is Baklava vegetarian or vegan?

Unfortunately, classic baklava recipes use butter and honey, making the pastry non-vegetarian and non-vegan. However, you can substitute the honey with sugar syrup and the butter with oil but expect the results to vary.

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  1. Is it worth ordering baklava from Hafiz Mustafa?

Hafiz Mustafa is a world-famous confectioner in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 1864 by Ismail Hakki Bey, this company is renowned for its traditional Turkish delight (AKA lokum). Today, the company exports nearly 50 varieties of lokum globally. With such a lush history, it is no wonder that this Turkish treasure excels at producing delicacies. However, it may not be the best choice for ordering baklava and other desserts in Sydney. Companies like Baklava Direct specialise in creating and delivering the highest quality baklava and other similar desserts.

Baklava Direct, a spin-off from the Sweet Palace Patisserie, is a market leader in the online desserts category for Sydney. The company offers a wide range of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern sweets, including baklava, knefe, znood and mamoul. However, as the name suggests, Baklava Direct specialises in producing baklava and does it better than the rest. Furthermore, although the company offers all the classic styles of baklava, it has a passion for innovation, bringing together the traditional and modern. For example, Baklava Direct also makes variants like a cinnamon bun style baklava and Nutella knefe.

Moreover, in keeping with the management’s passion for bringing something new to the streets of Sydney, Baklava Direct’s creative chefs are constantly looking for inventive delivery systems for baklava and other desserts. However, regardless of the recipe, the company guarantees to use fresh, locally sourced ingredients for all its products. This is one reason why Baklava Direct has such short delivery times. For example, Hafiz Mustafa deliveries can take up to eight to ten business days, but Baklava Direct delivers much quicker. Within the Greater Sydney Area, Baklava Direct gives you fresh baklava on your preferred date and time, regardless of order size.

Additionally, Baklava Direct’s ordering process is straightforward. First, get on to their website and navigate to the ‘shop’ tab. Then make your selection, enter delivery details and confirm payment. Here, another difference between the two companies shows up. Baklava Direct offers instalment plans on all its products through Afterpay, making purchases more budget-friendly. Either way, once you complete the order, you can expect your baklava to arrive at the time specified, fresh and delicious.

Finally, Baklava Direct uses some of the latest and most innovative techniques to manage its kitchens. Given the more than 17 years of experience that the team has in making desserts and the number of creative chefs on staff, Baklava Direct gives professional quality every time. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to place your order now!


Who was Hafiz Mustafa?

Hafiz Mustafa is the name of the founder, Hadji Ismail Hakki Bey’s son. The Hadji Ismail established the business in 1864 during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz Khan in Bahçekapı, Istanbul. Afterwards, it was taken over by his son, Hafız Mustafa.

What is Hafiz Mustafa famous for?

This Turkish confectionary maker is most famous for its Turkish delights (lokum). With over 50 varieties exported globally, Hafiz Mustafa is a veritable industry giant.

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  1. Best Dessert Places Near Me for Delivery

Craving something sweet, syrupy, and maybe even indulgent? Although the dazzling Emerald City is home to a wide variety of patisseries, bakeries and restaurants, not all are worth your time. So now you might ask yourself the question: what are the best places near me for delivery? Here we examine one of the most widespread dessert varieties from the rich lands of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Several places in Sydney can give you excellent desserts, like cookies from La Maison Cookies or a strawberry cake from Blackstar Pastry. However, Baklava Direct is your best bet for something out of Turkey, Greece or Lebanon. This company of the best in home delivered baklava, knefe, znood and more.

With over 17 years of familiarity with the industry, Baklava Direct offers over 18 types of baklava, including the classic pistachio and walnut varieties, a Cinnabon version and a macadamia special. The team that brings you these spectacular desserts is passionate about bringing authentic baklava to the streets of Sydney. However, they firmly believe innovation and experimentation are crucial to fulfilling their customers’ wishes.

Baklava Direct makes ordering desserts from home as easy as writing down your shopping list. Simply go to the Baklava Direct online store, make a selection, pick a size and confirm payment. Now sit back and relax as your delicious Meditteranean desserts make their way to your doorstep. This business stands out from the rest since you can choose the date and time you want the desserts to arrive. So, for example, if you have an event on the 5th of September at 7 PM, you can arrange for the baklava to come precisely at 9 PM, just as everyone prepares for the sweets.

Furthermore, don’t worry about minimum order quantities or not getting enough. Baklava Direct uses modern techniques and technology to fulfil its orders, be it a few hundred grams or tens of kilos. Especially since the 17 years of experience mentioned earlier comes from the parent company, Sweets Palace Patisserie.

So the next time you ask yourself, “what are the best dessert places near me for delivery” consider ordering from Baklava Direct. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about getting something sweet for yourself or maybe to share with friends or family. Baklava Direct’s diverse selection of desserts can solve all your problems. They deliver anywhere within the Greater Sydney Area, on time and fresh.


What are the best desserts for sharing?

You can effectively share any dessert as long as there is enough of it to divide fairly. For example, a large cake or brownie tray. However, very few desserts are designed with sharing in mind. For example, baklava is served in large tins, precut into portions, and is so heavy that you can only have one slice.

Is in-store pick-up better or ordering online?

Both pros and cons exist, but determining which one is better depends purely on your state of mind. Is going shopping for food and dessert an adventure for you or a chore? If it is the latter, ordering in is the ideal option.

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  1. 10.Sweets Delivery Online in Sydney

Do you have a huge occasion planned but are unsure about the menu? Are you looking for tips on what desserts would be ideal? Are you wondering who does the best sweets delivery online in Sydney? Then you are in the right place. Besides your typical cakes and tiramisus, Turkish, Greek and other Mediterranean desserts have a unique charm that keeps people coming back for more. None more so than the baklava, a dessert indigenous to the region, with variations unique to each country. For example, Turkish baklava typically contains chopped pistachios and is soaked in honey-based syrup. The Greek varieties usually come filled with walnuts and soaked in sugar-based syrup. Either way, Baklava Direct has the best baklava available online anywhere in Sydney, with eighteen baklava varieties and seven knefe.

Baklava Direct is a Sydney-based patisserie dedicated to providing some of the finest baklavas at your doorstep. Starting out as an offshoot of the famous Sweets Palace Patisserie, Baklava Direct boasts a unique combination of talent, equipment and technology to ensure you get the best quality possible. With over seventeen years of experience in the industry, Baklava Direct’s team of five creative chefs is passionate about redefining Sydney’s local sweets culture.

To get these Mediterranean goodies delivered to your doorstep, call or place an order through the online store. To complete the order, make a selection of your favourite sweets, specify the quantities and then input your delivery details. What sets this Patisserie apart from the rest is that you have the option to ask for an exact date and time for delivery. You can book an order for an event or party a week away, saving you time and stress now. Furthermore, as convenient, you can split your payments into four instalments with Afterpay.

Finally, suffice to say, Baklava Direct is uniquely geared to resolve all your baklava needs. With so many options, you will indeed find something to your taste. If not, you can order small quantities of things that interest you and test them before ordering in bulk, especially since Baklava Direct has no upper limit on orders and can cater to large-scale events, other festivities, and small, individual portions with the same professionalism. So what are you waiting for? For your next venture into sweets delivery online, order now from Baklava Direct!


Where can I buy Lebanese desserts and sweets online?

Lebanese desserts have much in common with those from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, with slight modifications. Baklava Direct has a wide selection of Lebanese desserts, including Fistiya, Nummora and Shabiet.

What is the maximum quantity to order?

Just as there is no minimum quantity, there is no maximum quantity when ordering from Baklava Direct. This professional and experienced Patisserie has the human and capital resources necessary to cater to corporate events, birthdays, weddings and festivals.

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  1. 11.The Best Middle Eastern Desserts to Order Online

When you think about desserts, generally, people think about things like cake, pudding and brownies. In other words, western desserts seem to rule the market. However, Middle Eastern desserts and sweets are steeped in deep-rooted traditions. They are a well of exotic flavours and spices symbolising comradeship, happiness, and generosity. Therefore, they hold significant meaning for special occasions like weddings, festivals, holidays and daily meals. So, get yourself a taste of an authentic experience from the region by ordering your desserts online from Baklava Direct.

Boasting over eighteen varieties of baklava and knefe, Baklava Direct is a well-established patisserie and an expert in consistently delivering quality desserts. Its mission is to become the premier one-stop-shop for all things sweet and Middle Eastern, focusing on satisfying its customer’s needs.

Furthermore, Baklava Direct’s team consists of chefs and foodies passionate about traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean desserts as well as innovating new styles based on the evolving tastes of Sydneysiders. For example, the company offers a signature baklava variant filled with macadamia nuts and soaked in honey from the tree’s flowers. Affectionately known as the Jewel of Australia, it represents the fusion of a deep Middle Eastern heritage and a fondness for the country it’s based in.

That aside, ordering desserts from Baklava Direct is an effortless process. Place an order through their website and specify your preferred date and time for delivery. This option means you can book a selection of desserts well in advance, saving you headaches and stress. You’re also guaranteed a fresh product since Baklava Direct promises to produce your desserts on the morning of delivery with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Baklava Direct ensures that the end product delivers the most refined textures and flavours by using Australian raw materials rather than imports.

Suffice it to say, when ordering Middle Eastern desserts like baklava and knefe for a special occasion, bring the Middle East’s joy, flavours and aroma to you and share with your loved ones. No matter the event, Baklava Direct brings its state-of-the-art kitchens into full gear to satisfy your sweet tooth. Also, if you subscribe to its mailing list now, you can avail of a 5% discount on your first purchase. Even a tiny percentage becomes significant when catering to large-scale events. So don’t waste any time and get in touch now!


Where does Baklava Direct deliver?

Baklava Direct currently delivers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern desserts within the Greater Sydney Area. Although, try and book at least a day in advance to ensure you get your order in the time frame you need.

What is the difference between Middle Eastern and Mediterranean desserts

Though Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food is distinct, the two share flavours and origins. Often used interchangeably, desserts from these regions usually differ in terms of the syrup’s base (honey vs sugar), infusion of lemon and fillings (pistachio vs walnut).

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  1. 12.Where to get Lebanese Sweets in Sydney

Sydney, the Emerald City, is a jewel that adorns Australia’s coast. It is a hub of commerce and culture in the region, with people from all over the world calling it home. As such, a wide variety of exotic cuisine is available throughout the country with varying degrees of popularity. Though none more so than Lebanese sweets and desserts.

If you, too, have a passion for Lebanese desserts but are unsure where to get them, look no further than the Sweets Palace Patisserie. This company has served the Greater Sydney Area since the early 2000s with handmade desserts and sweets from the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

The company prides itself on using the freshest Australian ingredients to bring Lebanese cuisine into the limelight. To get your hands on some, you can give them a call or head on down to the shop in Regents Park. However, you might also consider ordering from Baklava Direct, a sister business with management and culinary talent from the same stock as the Sweets Palace.

To place your order, get on their website and navigate to the ‘shop’ tab on the upper right. Then browse the diverse collection of desserts and sweets to make a selection. Once you make a choice, you can select the quantity you want. The good thing about ordering from Baklava Direct is that they don’t have a minimum or maximum limit, so you can order individual portions or cater for an event. At this stage, if you’re ordering baklava, you can request a personalised message made out of the same nut used in the filling on top. Finally, enter your delivery details and confirm payment. Now here you’ll see another advantage of ordering from Baklava Direct. You can specify the date and time you want your desserts delivered which is fantastic for maintaining their freshness throughout the event.

So the next time you wonder where to get your hands on some of the most delectable Lebanese sweets, look up Baklava Direct. Given the chef’s passion for innovation and fusion, you might see something new every time you look.


What is Lebanese baklava made of?

Lebanese baklava is made of layered filo dough or puff pastry sheets filled with chopped walnuts, slathered with butter or ghee, and soaked in a sugary syrup. Some recipes call for infusing lemon or rose water into the syrup for extra flavour.



Do you want to keep yourself energetic for the whole day? The best thing to collect more carbs and proteins is by eating a healthy and nutritional meal. Therefore, eating a moderate amount of desserts is considered healthy and delicious. However, you might be confused about where to get the best-quality and most nutritious desserts. 

Relax. We have come up with the best solution for your cravings. At Baklava Direct, you will get all kinds of desserts, including cakes and pastries. With 17 years of experience delivering sweet dishes to different clients, we have made a particular place in the heart of our consumers. From cheesecake to Mix Mammoul, you can order any sweet dish from Baklava Direct. 

For those looking for the best desserts to order online near me, Bakave is the first option. With no compromise on the quality of dishes, our expert chefs make sure to give clients the best services they can. Our primary services include middle eastern sweets, Turkish desserts, cakes, pastries and many more dishes. Out of all, our favourite and most favoured sweet dish is the cinnamon bun baklava and Baklava walnut. 

Is Eating Desserts Good for your Health?

Most people think consuming sweet dishes might cause health issues like increased blood glucose levels leading to diabetes, etc. However, a moderate amount of desserts is not only tasty but also nutritious. The ingredients in its composition contain many proteins and carbs essential to keep you energetic for the whole day. 

Besides this, enlisted below are some of the crucial benefits of desserts according to science and research:

It helps in lowering your blood pressure

It can highly limit your fat intake

Dessert can make you active and energetic

You will remain protected from strokes

Satisfying your craving will make you happier

It can limit your sugar level in the body

Moreover, if you are a dessert lover, it will be a treat for you to get a reliable and delicious online dessert site near me. Filled with chopped nuts and soaked in honey, baklava is a mouth-watering dessert for all sweet lovers. Thus, we realised the needs of people living in Sydney and came up with the best yet completely delicious sweet shop for you. 

In addition, we use the latest and most effective techniques in our recipes to ensure the quality of work. Our most efficient chefs and team workers have creative and advanced recipe ideas that fulfil the needs of our customers. 

Best of all, we do not compromise on the work quality and provide the best possible solutions as much as possible. Therefore, we get high customer satisfaction and have successfully delivered to all across Sydney and surrounding areas. So, what are you waiting for? Just give us a call and satisfy your cravings now. 


What is that one thing you eat to make your mood fresh and happier? No one can remain sad after eating a highly delicious and nutritious sweet dish, specifically when it is baklava. Although baklava is famous in Turkey now, you can get the same taste and extra delicious bites in Sydney. To fulfil the needs of sweet lovers, Baklava Direct has come into the market. 

There is no doubt that several other online sites are providing Baklava services in the town. But, no one guarantees you the taste and quality you want. Therefore, we have stepped into the dessert industry with a mission to bring all the delights and Turkish taste as it was in its origin. Whether a cake lover or obsessed with pastries, you can order any kind of dessert from our highly reliable shop. With Baklava Direct, you are in safe hands because you can trust our cooking methods and recipes. 

Fortunately, our team and coworker are all highly specialised and never compromise on the work quality. Each member of the team is passionate enough to solve every problem of the customer. In addition, our 17 years of experience and reliable working environment motivate us to work even harder for our clients. Therefore, you can trust our special Baklava services. Unlike other dessert shops, we make sure to give your meal a fresh and inviting taste so you can feel the freshness of a new and modified dish. 

Is it Healthy to Eat baklava?

Everybody loves Baklava. Right? But when it comes to health needs, some people might feel conscious about it. You don’t need to worry, as baklava is highly rich in carbs and proteins essential for an energetic day. 

Furthermore, the phyllo pastry on baklava is low in calories and does not contain any trans or saturated fat in its composition. It’s more than just a delicious treat for sweet lovers; it can even help control blood sugar levels and fight cancerous cells. 

The best thing about Baklava Direct is the freshness in taste and quality of the food. We have selected options for every type of dish so our customers can get the best possible services per their requirements. With various recipe ideas and the latest methodologies in hand, our customers get 100% authentic taste. 

Being the best Baklava shop in Sydney, our goal is to add a nutritious touch to your favourite food items so you can experience a new life in a new surrounding environment. Stop overthinking, and don’t hesitate to deliver your first order. Just choose your preferred sweet, choose your service date and wait for our instant delivery. 

  1. 15.Desserts Delivered To Your Door


Are you someone who has a sweet tooth and always craves delicious desserts? Yet you can not have that particular Middle Eastern dessert because you do not live there? If that’s the case, Baklava Direct’s team is here to help you to have your favourite dessert delivered to your door. 

We have the Best Baklavas in Sydney.

To make delicious desserts, the chefs must have a sweet tooth. Baklawa Direct’s chefs are die-heart dessert lovers and have tried all the different types of desserts available in Sydney. To bring a different kind of dessert to the country, we, as a team, decided to introduce baklava instead of regular cakes and pastries.

Baklava is a delicious dessert that originated in the Middle East. The taste of baklava is exceptional, and people in the Middle East love to have it on special occasions. Therefore, we decided to introduce this delight in Sydney. 

Our baklavas are perfect as our chefs make them with the same method as the Middle Eastern chefs, with an additional ingredient of love. Thus, we are delighted to call ourselves Baklava Experts. 

We Offer a Huge Variety of Baklavas

Our main goal is to make the best baklava in the town. For this, our chefs have introduced 18 delicious baklava varieties. The reason why our team wants to have different tastes in baklava desserts is that we want our customers to have various choices to choose from. 

Our popular variety includes Knefe Ashta, Mix Mammoul, Sultans Pick, and Znood. You can click on the shop button to view all the baklava varieties.  

A Team Who Loves its Clients

Baklava Direct’s team loves to be there for its clients. Not only are we interested in taking care of our baklava’s quality, but also we make sure to take care of our client’s needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we have made the purchase and delivery process fast. 

Also, to make our clients happy, we never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. We select the best quality filo pastry and nuts. 

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Before Baklava Direct, we had a dessert shop named “The Sweet Palace,” which has been in the dessert industry for 17 years. However, we wanted to redirect the sweet taste in Sydney. Therefore, we introduced Baklava Direct. 

With this much experience, we knew what dessert lovers always wanted. We have become a rescue for all the sweet tooth people out there. 

Your Favorite Baklava is Just One Click Away From You!

Baklava Direct loves to make desserts for you, and we want you to try our delicious baklava once so that you will know why Middle East people love to have them on every special occasion. Our high-quality product will amaze you, and you will have a heavenly feeling on the first bite. 

You can place your order on our Baklava Direct website and get your delicious dessert at your doorstep. You can share these mouth-watering desserts with your loved ones to show your sweet love to them. Right now, we deliver to 206 postcodes in the world.

If you want to know more about Baklava Direct, contact us at + (02) 9645 5955 or email us at 

  1. 16.Middle Eastern Sweets

It is difficult to find that original Middle Eastern dessert, especially when you live in Sydney. You have to be very picky and careful when ordering the best quality dessert of your taste. Of course, this also requires research and time as well. However, we have come up with the best possible solution for you.

Baklava Direct has come into the market to satisfy your cravings or fill the taste of your choice. You cannot get that original taste as it was of Turkish baklava, but we have come up with unique and best recipe ideas for you. Whether you are lounging for a cake or a delicious pastry, just choose your service time, and we will be at your doorsteps. Baklava Direct is a popular name for delivering the best dessert in Sydney and surrounding areas. With us, you have the freedom to choose your favourite sweet dish and fulfil all your food needs within seconds. 

Delicious Dessert Options

Along with perfect cooking options, Baklava Direct has an unlimited list of dessert services for its customers. Whether you want to refurnish a small cake or a large pastry, we will be there to assist with its all-around sweet solutions. You might be wondering why you should trust us only. Well, you are not alone. Many food lovers got confused when choosing the best Baklava expert. But, we stand out from all due to our 17 years of experience and variety of food services. This is why we are the most trusted dessert shop in Sydney.

Moreover, the success of a shop is determined by its loyal and hard-working members. The same is the case with Baklava Direct. With highly qualified team members and five expert chefs, we aim to provide the number one service throughout Australia, especially in Sydney. Our expert team has always worked diligently and has profound experience in this field. From start to finish, our founder and all coworkers are personally involved in the cooking process to give a delicious well-finished look to your food item. 

Number One Cooking Methodologies

Unlike other Baklava online stores, our techniques and cooking methods are unique and selective. We focus on the quality and delivery of our work and avoid extra design or heavy ingredients. The sole purpose is to satisfy the customer and provide a long-lasting, nutritious touch that fits your demands and requirements.

Not only this, but Baklava Direct offers highly cost-effective and suitable delivery options so the customers can comfortably order any dish they want. Therefore, if you ever crave a cake or a pastry, contact us, and we will be in front of you with your favourite baklava in hand. 


From ordering little cakes to choosing your favourite baklava online, it’s not easy to choose the best shop from several options. For sure, you would need a professional’s help in this regard. Therefore, Baklava Direct is here to help you in all dessert aspects. 

Premium Baklava Experts

At Baklava Direct, our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best dessert and sweet dish services. The most common among them is a special Baklava dish. Although you’ll find thousands of Baklava experts in Sydney, we have unique functionalities. 

A variety of cooking methodologies are handled by our experts daily. None of these projects is easy to operate, but we make sure to perform our best in all the aspects of delivery and meal preparation. Like you, your health and taste are highly affected by the food you choose. We offer various dessert services from all elements to protect your body and brain. 

Comprehensive Solution to Sweet Dishes

Consumption of sweets is every day, especially in Sydney and surrounding areas. Keeping in mind the needs of our clients, our goal is to deliver the best baklava in the town. With the dessert shop named ‘’ The Sweet Palace,’’ we have made it possible to bring the premium quality taste as provided in Turkish Baklava stores. Going through several food orders in Sydney daily, Baklava Direct has developed a comprehensive solution to compensate for your dessert needs. 

With 17 years of research and plenty of experience cooking the best cakes and pastries, we are the most reliable dessert store offering the perfect taste for all your needs. From individual to multitude success in Australia, Baklava Direct professionals are highly trusted for small and large cooking projects. 

Complete Solution to All Your Dessert Needs

For those who want something new in their daily food needs, baklava is the perfect solution to satisfy your cravings. Now, your favourite baklava is just one step away from you. To order the best baklava in town, you have to select your preferred service, choose your service time, and our team will deliver your item with a fast turnout. 

At Baklava Direct, we protect your body and health from all medical and blood sugar risks by providing safe and high-quality desserts according to your taste. Moreover, we also provide different discounts and offers on special occasions. You can not only eat these items to quench your thirst but can also share them with your family and friends. We have successfully delivered 206 podcasts and are Sydney’s most trustworthy dessert shop. 

Hence, if you want to restore the feel and touch of delicious baklava, order your favourite item now and enjoy it. If you want to know more about Baklava Direct, contact us at + (02) 9645 5955 or email us at Contact us now, and we will assist you in choosing the best baklava and other sweets.


  1. 18.Patisserie Online

Are you looking for a Middle Eastern Bakery that can ship different baklava and other pastries to your door? Do you love to try new desserts?

Many people are hesitant to purchase from Patisserie online. However, Baklava Direct has been selling Turkish desserts online since 2004.

Rest assured that when you purchase from Baklava Direct, your order will be delivered fresh, warm, and melt-in-the-mouth!

Order from the Middle Eastern sweets and Turkish dessert specialists, Baklava Direct.

The Turkish Pastry Specialist

We bake the freshest, highest-quality pastries daily! 

Our gourmet pastries, made from scratch with only the finest ingredients, put us head-and-shoulders above the rest. 

Turkey’s original Patisserie online, Baklava Direct, is proud to be number one for the best-tasting baklavas.

Moreover, we specialise in producing genuine baklava, the most famous sweet in Turkey.

Baklava is made from layers of filo pastry, rolled into a large sheet, and cooked, sweetened with syrup and butter. The pastry is then cut into diamond shapes and baked. It can be served as a dessert or as an accompaniment to Turkish tea.

Buying baklava online from us will enable you to enjoy this delicious sweet without ever having to leave home! 

Our baklava is made to the highest standards of quality and freshness. We only use the finest ingredients available, including traditional Greek and Turkish recipes handed down through the generations by our family bakers. 

We offer %5 off on your first purchase! So why not treat yourself or someone special today?

Baklava Direct – Where Quality Meets Tradition

Baklava Direct is a patisserie online established 17 years ago. We are based in Sydney and have been supplying baklavas and other Middle Eastern sweets to Australia for over 17 years.

We also offer other delicious Turkish desserts such as Znood, Fistiya, Knefe, Fitira, Ashta, and Nummora, as well as many other Middle Eastern sweets.

If you are looking for baklava online, you have come to the right place! You can order your favourite baklava or Turkish dessert from our website or call us.

Our products are made fresh daily using only natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavourings.

A Bakery with a Twist

Baklava Direct is a patisserie online that gets its inspiration from the Middle East. It is a place where you can get all kinds of delicious pastries and desserts. 

The company has been around for over 17 years, so it has had time to learn what it takes to make great treats.

The Baklava Direct team has many years of experience in the food industry, and we use this expertise to ensure that our products are high quality and delicious. 

We also ensure that our products are affordable so everyone can enjoy them.

The Baklava Direct team understands the importance of customer service, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that each customer gets what they want. 

If you are looking for someone who will provide excellent customer service and quality products, this is the company for you!

  1. 19.Looma Cake

What do you get when you cross a loom with baklava? An exquisitely delicious Looma Cake from Baklava Direct!

You may have thought the search for the perfect baklava was over, but it just became easier.

Buy online today and taste the difference at your next special occasion!

The Best Cakes and Pastries in Town

Baklava Direct has the best Looma Cake in town. We’ve been providing the same high-quality products for over 17 years. We are a family-owned business focusing on customer service and customer satisfaction. 

We have thousands of happy customers who have returned to purchase their favourite desserts and new customers who have become lifelong fans of our delicious treats.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices while delivering exceptional service to our customers.

Looma Cake is one of our most popular items, but we also specialise in various cakes and pastries such as baklava, kunefe, kunafa, and more!

Welcome to the Heaven of Sweets

Baklava Direct is the leading supplier of Baklava, Knefe, and other Middle Eastern desserts in Sydney. We offer a wide variety of traditional Middle Eastern pastries and sweets that have been prepared for generations. 

Our online store has been created to provide customers with a convenient way to purchase our delicious baklava directly from our kitchen.

Our mission is to continue offering traditional Baklava recipes, other Middle Eastern desserts, and Looma cakes at an affordable price. 

We aim to provide our customers with a wide range of delicious products that everyone can enjoy regardless of age or ethnicity.

Baklava Direct offers a variety of different flavours, including:

Walnuts & Pistachios

Apricots & Pistachios

Walnuts & Almonds

Dates & Almonds

Order Online Now

Baklava Direct is the best traditional Turkish sweet bakery. You can buy these desserts and looms cakes online or by calling + (02) 9645 5955, So you have a chance to taste these fabulous desserts. See more at Baklavadirect.

  1. 20.Cake in a box

Do you want an affordable cake that will really wow your guests? Piecing together that perfect cake is time-consuming and expensive.

Our flexible and easy-to-use cake in a box will help you wow everyone. Visit one of our friendly team of representatives to learn more.

That’s why Baklava Direct Cake in a box is cutting the middle man and making cakes cheaper than ever before.

Fresh and Authentic Turkish Desserts

Baklava Direct is a family-owned and operated wholesale bakery. We specialise in customising our desserts to fit your event. Our speciality is baklava, but we also make other Turkish desserts, such as Fistiya, Knefe, Fitira, Ashta and many more!

We take pride in our traditional recipes and use only the finest ingredients. We make all of our sweets from scratch using real butter, pure cane sugar, farm-fresh eggs and imported nuts and spices. Our products are baked fresh daily, packaged with care and shipped to you via FedEx or UPS Ground.

Baklava Direct has been providing quality desserts for over 20 years! We are the perfect choice for any event, from weddings to corporate events or any special occasion where you want something truly memorable!

Baklava, the King of Sweets

Baklava Direct is a leading wholesale bakery offering you the best quality of traditional baklava and cake in a box. We have been in the industry since 2005 and have a wide range of products that can meet your needs.

Our main product line includes:

– Baklava (deliciously sweetened filo pastry with nuts)

– Knefe (a sweet cheese pastry)

– Fistiya (a sweet cheese pastry)

– Znood (traditional Lebanese spinach pie)

– Ashta (traditional Lebanese white cheese dessert)

– Nummora (traditional Lebanese semolina pudding)

Catering To Your Needs

Baklava Direct is a team of five creative chefs working together for the last five years. We have been serving customers worldwide with our best-in-class desserts, making us one of the leading providers in this business.

Our team is reliable, credible and experienced. We have been in this business for many years, so we know what our clients want. We also understand how to cater to their needs to provide them with nothing but the best quality products.

Our team consists of a chef manager, three chefs and two assistant chefs who work together to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We can deliver any quantity anytime without compromising quality or customer satisfaction.

Order Cake Online    

Our cakes are freshly made to order, and we offer a variety of flavours and fillings. We can also cater for specific dietary requirements such as gluten-free, vegan, nut-free or dairy free.

You can order our cake in a box online through our website, call us to place an order, or get more information.

Dessert Boxes

Are you interested in saving money on dessert? Delight your guests with this traditional Mediterranean sweet.

Enhance your purchase by adding any of our other 25 desserts to your order. Order Dessert Boxes directly from us. We’ll take care of everything.

You’ll enjoy more savings and the best customer service in town by choosing Baklava Direct.

Discover the World of Baklava Direct

Baklava Direct dessert boxes make great gifts for any occasion. Choose from our classic assortment of nutty and honey baklava flavours or browse our seasonal menu of exotic varieties like Pistachio, Caramel, and even a variety made with Bischoff that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Baklava Direct relies on local Sydney businesses for our ingredients and sources locally made, premium ingredients whenever possible to create the best dessert on the market today.

Dairy Dessert Boxes with a Mediterranean touch

Baklava Direct has taken special care in offering you delicious dairy dessert boxes that will satisfy your cravings. We have not forgotten to add a Mediterranean touch to your treats!

Get Customers Attention

Baklava Direct takes fresh ingredients and bakes with it delicious dessert boxes. The goal of the box in mind is to bring exotic and unique desserts to Australians. 

With a single purchase, they take fresh ingredients and bake them into tasty and delightful desserts you have never seen before. 

Each selection is made with rich, sweet honey that gently coats the layers of phyllo dough.

 The sweet design is excellent as gift baskets or dessert wedding favours. 

The packaged dessert boxes leave a taste in their wake that lasts for days.

Let Baklava Direct Be Your Dessert Box Source

Baklava Direct will help you save time and money. You’ll get a delicious assortment of our bakery’s most delectable treats shipped to your door. We guarantee your satisfaction, or we’ll refund your order. Baklava Direct—Where Sweet Dreams Are Made.

Your Baklava Headquarters!

Baklava Direct offers the widest variety of chef-prepared desserts in the world. Our dessert boxes are all made fresh in our kitchen and hand-packed with love.

Our baklava is made fresh daily and shipped out the same day. We use only premium ingredients to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

We offer a variety of desserts that can be customised to suit any occasion or event. Our Baklava Boxes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and flavours so that you can find something to fit your needs.

Our baklava is made fresh daily and shipped out the same day. We use only premium ingredients to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

  1. 21.Cakemail    

Are you tired of sending and receiving duplicate old boring emails? Wish your friends would be interested in what you want to say

Baklava Direct is the new way to send fun, creative cakes that look great. Visit us to see all the combinations available. Don’t miss out on all this good stuff. Get a Baklava Direct Cakemail today!

Amazing Baklava and Other Desserts

Baklava Direct is the best in the area. They have a wide variety of baklava and other desserts. They also have a great selection of cakes and cupcakes for any occasion. 

The staff is amicable and helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have about their products. 

Baklava Direct has an immaculate facility, so you know that your food will be safe from contamination with other food items.

Baklava Direct is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a place to buy or to CakeMail baklava or other desserts!

Taste the Finest Middle Eastern Desserts with Baklava Direct

Baklava Direct specialises in the most delicate Middle Eastern desserts. Our baklava is made from the finest ingredients and prepared with the utmost care. 

Baklava Direct offers varieties of baklava, including pistachio, walnut, almond, cashew and more. We also carry eclairs, macaroons and other delicious pastries.

Our baklava is made fresh to order using only the finest ingredients. Our baklava has a unique flavour that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Baklava Direct offers various flavours, including pistachio or walnut wrapped in thin layers of phyllo dough and drenched in sweet syrup. So order today for you now or Cakemail your friend.

Online Baklava Shop

Baklava Direct is a reliable, credible and experienced Baklava maker in Sydney. We have been in this industry for many years now, and our team has the expertise to bake any kind of baklava you want.

Baklava is a product that has been around for centuries, and it is one of the most popular desserts in the world. People love to eat this dessert because it tastes incredible, and it can be eaten at any time of the day or night.

We bake Baklavas using only high-quality ingredients, so they taste delicious and are also very healthy. Our Baklavas contain no trans fats or preservatives, which means they are suitable for your health and taste buds.

Our team is available 24/7 to cater to your needs. If you want us to deliver Baklavas to your doorstep, we will do that too! 

We offer free delivery in the Sydney area for orders above $100, so order now and get Baklavas delivered on time!

Enjoy Every Bite to the Fullest

We believe that our customers deserve the best! We work hard to ensure that every package is packaged with care and arrives in perfect condition. Our goal is 100% satisfaction with all of your orders. 

Each product has its unique taste and texture, so you can enjoy each bite to the fullest! Remember: “A bite without a smile is not an enjoyable bite!”

  1. 22.Sea Sweets

Make a few simple ingredients into a delicious dessert. 

Baklava Direct are the makers of Sea Sweets — a range of delicious baklava made from nutritional ingredients.

Visit Baklava Direct today to see the full range of sweets. Dessert has never been easier.

Baklava and Other Mediterranean Desserts

Baklava Direct specialises in baklava and other Mediterranean desserts. Our baklava is made from scratch with the finest ingredients, and we guarantee it will taste delicious.

We use only the finest ingredients in our baklava recipes, including pistachios, almonds, walnuts and honey. 

We also use only premium phyllo dough to make our delicious pastries. We ship our products nationwide, so you can enjoy them wherever you are!

If you have any questions about our sea sweets products or would like to place an order for delivery, please contact us today!

A Taste Of Paradise

Baklava Direct is a family business that specialises in providing customers with the finest quality Middle Eastern sea sweets, including Baklava, Knefe, Znood, Fistiya and other delicious desserts. 

Our products are baked fresh daily to ensure the best quality possible. We offer a large variety of baklava flavours such as walnut, pistachio and cashew nut, along with other types of phyllo pastries such as Knefe (cheese), Znood (walnut) and Ashta (cream).

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth With Baklava Direct

Our experienced chefs have created the perfect recipe for this delicious sea sweet. Our baklava is made with all-natural ingredients that satisfy your taste buds. 

Our baklava is made with ground pistachios, sugar syrup and clarified butter. We only use high-quality ingredients that provide a delicious taste and texture. 

You will not find any preservatives or artificial colouring in our products.

Baklava Direct believes in providing quality sea sweets at an affordable price. We have been serving our customers for over 17 years and know what it takes to make a great-tasting product. Our baklava is available in two sizes: small or large.